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Who I am

A commercially driven scientist with a proven track record in building and leading teams, which succeed in commercializing life science products and services in the life science industry. My key expertise lies in technology transfer, business development and business management with a focus on technology scouting, preclinical and clinical R&D, licensing, selling, fund raising and M&A.

I am best at selling highly consultative products or services to demanding customers such as research scientists, engineers, medical doctors as well as investors.


PhD supramolecular, biological chemist, ETH Zurich, Postdoc at the Salk and Scripps Institute, San Diego (CA, USA), Postgraduate Degree "International Managagement" University of Liechtenstein and University of British Columbia Vancouver, Canada, (UBC)

How I work

I work WITH my clients as a freelance project mananger. I usually carry an email signature of the relevant company and represent my client similar to a full-time employee. Having said that, I do not consider myself as a typical consultant, even though strategic planning and execution is an important part of supporting my clients.